The course “Culture and Identity” explores different approaches to those two key concepts in cultural anthropology and related disciplines. The seminar is devoted to in-depth reading and discussing texts, which the lecture introduces into. The course will thus not only familiarize the participants with the concepts as such, but present them in a contextualizing and comparative, cross-disciplinary perspective. The interrelation between the two concepts shall be conveyed, as it is within social and cultural frames of references, that identities are being formed. Lecture and seminarswill draw attention to the concept of culture as social practice, to the social construction of identity and to the multiplicity of identity in modern society will look into the dynamic processes of cultural practice and identity formation through processes of identification, distinction and stereotyping, particularly within national, ethnicor social/class frames of references. In order to gain a deeper understanding of those dynamics, of discourses on multiculturalism, culture conflicts and clashes of cultural identities, as well as of concepts dwelling on the fluidity and hybridity of identity constructions, the migration experience will in addition be referred to.


Razina studija: diplomski
ISVU šifra kolegija: 124232
Broj ECTS bodova: 5
Semestar: zimski