This course will survey art produced in the United States (or by American artists living abroad) between 1865 and 1980. Although we may be inclined to equate modernity with American art and culture, modern art was not invented in the States. In the first half of the 20th century, art in the US can best described as a dynamic of receiving and reacting to the modernist impulses of 20th century European art. Eventually, as Charles Demouth said, “... (the life of Europe) was all very wonderful, but, I must work here (in America).” The receptiveness of American culture to European art changed after World War II. When Robert Rauschenberg went to Paris in the 50s, he quickly realized that he came too late and that the new art scene had moved to New York. The course will continue to examine the decade-by-decade series of reactions to the New York school: “the Yale graduate” 1960s Minimalist reaction and quintessentially American-fed Pop Art. The great landscape art projects such as those by Robert Smithson and Christo found particular resonance in American land-bound culture and it continues to be an inspiration for many great contemporary American artists such as James Turell.  The final nod will be given to postmodern art.

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ISVU šifra kolegija: 102113
Broj ECTS bodova: 5
Semestar: zimski