Since the technical advancement and the perception of knowledge as power have enabled man to enhance his own nature, this course strives to contribute to the current debate on human biomedical enhancement by once again posing the question of the essence of human nature and the essence of technology. An overview of the understanding of human nature through history will be presented along with thoughts on human nature from the point of view of philosophical anthropology. Here emphasis has will be put on the interpretation of man as a “defective being” (“mangelhaftes Wesen”) in Herder’s, Gehlen’s and Fromm’s philosophy. This research has created preconditions for the understanding of modern technology as compensation for man’s defectiveness. Consequently, this brought the need for consideration of contemporary efforts in overcoming human nature in the biological sense, in other words, human biomedical enhancement. The question of human nature in terms of its continuity and volatility has been re-examined by considering transhumanist and bioconservativist standpoints in the human enhancement debate thus questioning the metaphysical foundations of the idea of human biomedical enhancement.

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Razina studija: preddiplomski
ISVU šifra kolegija: 230719
Broj ECTS bodova: 3
Semestar: zimski